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Formules & Tarifs

Performances Aerial & Ballet

To highlight the unique character of your event you can choose either standard or exclusive performance by picking your favourite standard performance(s) from the list or getting an exclusive performance that will be specially created choreographed and designed for you. 


Aerial & Ballet performances are specifically created as an exclusive entertainment for corporate events (openings, cocktail party, business event, company diner, seminar, product launch...) and private events (weddings, birthday party, private party, ceremony...). 

All Aerial & Ballet by Joanna D performances are created from a technical and artistic base combining pole dance and ballet. 

Performances can be combined with aerial hoop shows to diversify your entertainment shows. Different options are available coupling aerial and ballet performances and aerial hoop shows. 

Performances Aerial & Ballet are available worlwide. They will be available in Autralia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast) from January 2021. 







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